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A Message to You About What We Do!


                                                                                             Touching the Future Today

                                                    Creative Encounters for the 21st Century Learner               

                                                                   Kathy Frazier and Deborah Walker




Dear Educators, Administrators, and Curriculum Developers,


Touching the Future Today is a professional development consulting company that presents innovative workshops for educators who want to learn and implement creative strategies into the core curriculum.  Our message, “Creativity Does Not Have to be Sacrificed to Meet the Content Standards” rings true throughout every lesson, strategy, and activity we present.


Learning the key elements of how to create stimulating classroom environments that will inspire, motivate, and enhance student performance provides educators with skills to meet the individual needs of various populations and learning styles. We present differentiation strategies that provide learning experiences that will challenge students to think critically, problem solve, and synthesize information. Our “Hands On, Minds On” learning experiences can be integrated into the K-12 classroom curriculum providing tools for teachers to develop and implement meaningful instruction in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math, as well as the exploratory classes.


Our Touching the Future Today brochure can be mailed to you by request and a list of professional development topics are on this web site. We facilitate one to five day presentations depending upon the needs of your faculty and school calendar, as well as presentations during faculty meetings. We will be happy to consult with you and/or teacher representatives to develop the most effective workshop to meet your instructional needs and goals. We can  provide examples of the professional development that we have given at public, STEM, and creative art schools throughout Ohio as well as our two day sessions that we presented last August at the 4 Teacher/Student Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska. We also create and model integrated lessons for your students based on content standards or unit of study.


We are confident that our presentations will inspire, challenge, and rejuvenate teacher performance which in turn will lead to higher student achievement. We look forward to hearing from you.




Kathy Frazier                              Deborah Walker

330-808-0067                            330-554-5886  

Our email address is:

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